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Companion Book to the Renascence Alliance Series

Can Imperial Jewelry and Couture Survive with Human Women?

Take an inside look at the styles and fashions of jewelry and couture from within the Alliance Empire. Dive in and see how newly arrived humans citizens are shaking the Empire with their subtle, and not so clandestine, take on Imperial fashions.

This book, written from the perspective of an Alliance anthropologist, briefly explains the roles of both jewelry and clothing within the Alliance Empire and demonstrates how human women are pushing these traditional positions in different directions, both for better and worse.

Will human women conform after a time or will they continue to drive Alliance jewelry and fashions to where it no longer plays any conventional or complex role in Imperial society?

The Renascence Alliance Series is set in a fictional future where humans are small-time players in the big-time galaxy. There are no heroes or women being rescued; instead, readers are led through an intricate maze of alien courting customs, duplicitous strict religious codes, vicious culture shock, and uncomfortable compromises.

Renascence Alliance Series Books available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook

1. Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 1

2. Married to the Alien Doctor, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 2 (standalone)

3. Married to the Alien with No House, Renascence Alliance Book 3

4. Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 4

5. Abducted by the Alien Pirate, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 5,

6. Restaurateur in the Alliance Empire, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 6

7. The Ward of House Rega, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 7

8. The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 8.

9. Jewelry and Couture of the Alliance Empire, Renascence Alliance Series Book 9 (standalone)

10. Seven Days on the Capital Planet, Renascence Alliance Series Book 10 (standalone)

Although it is possible to jump into the Renascence Alliance Series at any time, it is strongly recommended you keep in mind that the series has an underlying main story which is concluded in the book,The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Book 8.

Kara Rainer and Tir Zu's marriage bracelet

A selection of Imperial Jewelry

Jewelry laced with technology is popular throughout the Empire.

Standard loose-fitting Imperial Dress

Drusilla's Wedding Dress

Imperial Slave (Angelic) Dress

Jade Rossi's Formal Maximum Class Dress with Eggplants and Peaches.

Imperial Jewelry

Imperial Dress