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Humans are the most adorable creatures in the galaxy.

Everyone says so.

Is it such a surprise that a mighty Alliance Imperial Warship would take humans prisoners? Yes, the Alliance doesn’t take prisoners.

Once onboard the Alliance ship, the crew of the Dakota are casually informed that human women are now considered to be Alliance citizens. Moreover, all the female crew will be returning to the Alliance homeworld.

This was completely unexpected. What is even more unexpected, Captain Kara Rainer’s infatuation with the alien Admiral who captured her and coerced her into marrying him.

When the chance to escape presents itself, will Kara take it or remain with her alien husband who she has become smitten with despite his insistence on trying to ‘tame’ her into Alliance culture?

This book contains explicit romantic scenes with an alien for mature audiences. If you do not want to read a lot of intimate scenes between a human woman and an alien, if you are mostly here for the science fiction, please move on to the other books in the series beginning with book two Married to the Alien Doctor which is also a standalone book and starts the series almost in the exact same place as this book. This book, Married to the Alien Admiral is about Kara and she is promiscuous. Each book in the Renascence Alliance Series is about a different woman. Therefore each woman has wildly different expectations from the alien men in their lives within the confines of the Alliance Empire. I feel I must write this because many people find this book shocking.

Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Alliance Series Book 1.jpeg