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Jane was taken prisoner and then traded to the Alliance Empire

She is forbidden from seeing her human family unless she marries an Alliance man and has a hybrid child.

She refuses to marry as she still grieves for the separation from her family on Earth. That is until Jim messages her that her best friend has moved in with her family.

To ease the pain, she agrees to an Alliance telepathic medical procedure that suppresses her emotional attachment to Jim. The Alliance doctors caution her that she should be mindful of her choices, as suppressing so much of her memory could lead her to make new choices she might regret when her memories resurface. Unfortunately, Jane does not heed their warnings and behaves in ways she would have never done before. She even begins a torrid love affair with the Alliance Admiral of the Fleet. A man who is over 200 years old.

Follow Jane in her strange experiences onboard the Zuin and then the Kzi in the mighty Alliance Fleet. This book begins on the same day as Drusilla’s marriage to Ket. Although you can jump in the Renascence Alliance Series at any point, to avoid confusion, it’s highly recommended you read Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Book 1 or Married to the Alien Doctor, Renascence Book 2 before reading Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet, Renascence Book 4

The Alliance Series is set in a fictional future where humans are small-time players in the big-time galaxy. There are no heroes or women being rescued; instead, readers are led through an intricate maze of alien courting customs, duplicitous strict religious codes, vicious culture shock, and uncomfortable compromises.

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