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Reima One[]

Reima One is a moon however when first spotted by Alliance astronomers it was thought to be a planet.

Visa Requirements[]

Reima Two is a fictional wold for Outcasts from the Alliance Empire that is introduced in book The Ward of House Rega.

Reima Two isn't just allowing anyone to come to their rich planet located right next to the Alliance Empire. You not only need paperwork but a lot of money or UCs (Universal Credits) to live there legally.

Requirements for Reima Two residency:

Reima Two Residency Requirements

The following documents must be submitted for each applicant when applying for Reima Two residency.

1.      Valid Galaxy Court Identification

2.      Record of Birth (No AI)

3.      Record of Marriage(s)

4.      Galaxy Court Death Certificate (if the applicant has a spouse who is deceased)

5.      A Processing Fee of 5,000 UCs

6.      A Guarantee to Pay the First Ten Years of Annual Tax After One Year Residency.