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A Love Diamond.

Jade has just opened the first human restaurant in the illustrious Alliance Empire. Everything in her new life is falling into place, everything except her love life. Unfortunately, Jade’s true love is a slave and according to Imperial Law, they can never marry. However, Jade is not one to give up easily and she decides that she will do anything to have her man, even if that means invoking an ancient loophole law that allows her to marry a slave if she marries two other men as well. Can she convince three men of different Alliance classes to marry her? Is she strong enough to balance the demands of all her husbands?

The Alliance Series is set in a fictional future where humans are small-time players in the big-time galaxy. There are no heroes or women being rescued; instead, readers are led through an intricate maze of alien courting customs, duplicitous strict religious codes, vicious culture shock, and uncomfortable compromises.

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Although it is possible to jump in the Renascence Alliance Series at any time, it’s recommended you read Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet, Renascence Alliance Book 4 or Married to the Alien with No House, Renascence Alliance Book 3 before reading Restaurateur in the Alliance Empire: Renascence Alliance Series Book 6.

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